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We’ve moved over from Blogspot, and will be posting weekly from Christ Alive in Lake Havasu! Leave a comment; we want to know you are here with us.

Last post from Blogspot:

I believe most persons who are involved with the planting of our church here in Lake Havasu will agree that our most successful method of growth has been through the Spirit of Freedom Christian Intervention Program.

Rev. Rick Faulkner, of Hemet, Ca. is the regional supervior for Spirit of Freedom, and to facilitate the organization of a chapter in Lake Havasu, during the early part of May, he joined with Pastor Buxton to make calls on various organizations in the area. Among these were judges, probation offices, the Lake Havasu city council, mayor of Lake Havasu, Interagency, United Way, State of Arizona Department of Correction, Mohave County Probation Department, Mohave Mental Health Clinic, Child Protection Services, and the Arizona Department of Economic Security Administration.

Michael Buxton regularly teaches the class, but tomorrow night Pastor Buxton will teach as Michael is on vacation. Pastor will be teaching the 16th lesson. We have had phenomenal success with this program. Close to 20 persons are enrolled.

Two Sundays ago, there were four CIP members in church; including their families and friends there were 19 people in church–directly related to the CIP program!

On last Tuesday night after our CIP meeting, Pastor Buxton baptized four persons–all a result of the Christian Intervention program. Here Laurel Hope is about to be baptized. She is 80 years old.

Laurel’s son, George rejoices after he was baptized in Jesus’ name.

Michelle is George’s wife. A glorious victory here!

Krystal has made a major turn-around in her life. Already she has brought to church her mother and her twin sister.



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12 responses to “Welcome to Our New Site

  1. Totally awesome news!!!! I’m rejoicing with you, Sis. Buxton.

  2. James & Penny Wyatt

    Glad to see things are still going great for you all at Lake Havasu !!!! Praying that God richley bless you !
    Love James and Penny

  3. Thanks to both the Smith and the Wyatt family for checking on us. We’re so excited about what God is doing. We continue to need your prayers.

  4. Wow! Praise be to God! How exciting – we are rejoicing with you!

    I am so amazed and proud of you and Bro. Buxton for continuing to work in God’s kingdom at (clears throat) your age. 🙂 You are an inspiration to me. Love you so much!

    I’m praying for the work in Lake Havasu, you & Bro. Buxton, and Mike & Mel.

  5. Tena, thanks for coming by and taking a look at our new site.

    We had 18 students in CIP tonight. They are so sweet; we love them dearly.

  6. dean

    Thanks for sharing . Peace

  7. Sister Buxton:
    Is that the same Rick Faulkner I knew at Ontario at herbert Buxton’r church? If it is tell him I said Hi!
    Brother Webb

  8. Good morning, Brother Webb:

    Yes, the same Rick Faulkner.

  9. Rejoicing with you all! Praise God for His wonderful Salvation and for wonderful people like you and Bro. Buxton who give so freely.

    God Bless you both!

    Love you!

  10. Eva, so good to hear from you. God is good to us, isn’t he.

    Love to you and your family.

  11. Beautiful job. Most important – great report! I’m so happy for you!

    God bless you and Bro Buxton – love you much.


  12. Love you back, Catherine.

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