Free Home Bible Studies

One cool ministry we offer at Christ Alive Worship Center are home Bible studies.

Krystal attends our Monday evening study, as does her sister, Ashley.

Baby Corbin, Krystal’s nephew, is our youngest student.

If you know anyone who would like a bible study in their home–at no cost–give us a call.



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2 responses to “Free Home Bible Studies

  1. Cute little guy! Never too young to be around God’s people, His presence and hearing the Word.

    BTW I read such an interesting post on ”
    Train up a child” (talking about training even the tongue, roof of the mouth etc…), was it with your video of the world’s youngest preacher? Help me find it please, thank you.

  2. Catherine, yes that was posted by my very smart granddaughter, Aisha, and you’re right it was on the video post. (on the site called God Things.)

    That video began malfunctioning and I took down the post. I will go over, reinstall the post without the video. Maybe I can get it to work later. It is so adorable.

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