Michelle Receives the Holy Ghost

Today, September 7, 2008 was a dynamic Sunday at Christ Alive.

After the worship service, Pastor Buxton called forward the two parents who would be dedicating their children. Dustin came with his beautiful daughter, Marie, and Michelle brought forward her handsome, sweet son, Joseph. Unfortunately the spouses of these two parents weren’t there, but each of them had a grandparent in tow.

Such services are always so touching…Pastor laid hands on the parents, then on the children.

Pastor handed each parent a dedication certificate, and later in the service, Marie and Joseph went forward and proudly accepted a small Bible

Pray for these two precious, sweet children. Their parents gave them back to God today, and we want them to live for God and to be workers in His kingdom.

Pray for their protection against the evils of this world.

And then came the best part of the service, as Brother Rick Faulkner brought the Word of God. At the conclusion, Michelle received the Holy Ghost!

She is the first of our CIP students to receive the Holy Ghost. She was trembling all over under the divine power of God.

Mike was ecstatic! The first of his CIP students now speaking in tongues! It was a happy morning at Christ Alive Worship Center.

Brother Rick Faulkner, Pastor Buxton, Sister Michelle, Brother Mike Buxton


More pictures under the Sunday school tab.



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7 responses to “Michelle Receives the Holy Ghost

  1. Elaine Lininger

    I am one proud parent! My daughter Michele Hope
    is one beautiful woman and upon accepting Christ
    into her life and marrying a wonderful man as George, it all shows on her face as shown in your picture taken of them on their wedding day. And my little Joesph… ain’t he just the cutest thing.
    Thank you sooo much for posting these so family and friends can also share from afar these truely
    blessed events.
    Elaine Lininger

  2. Hello, Elaine. Welcome to the Christ Alive site. Hope you’re here often.

    We are so excited about knowing your beautiful daughter, Michelle. When we first met her, it was obvious she was a special person and that she was determined to let Jesus Christ become the center of her life.

    It has only been forward and upward since that day, and I cannot tell you how proud we are of her. She’s into the Word of God, and eagerly and humbly accepts its teachings. First it was repentance–Yes! I want to do that. Then it was baptism–Yes! You’ve seen the pictures of her in the pool. And she’s been saying she wanted the Holy Ghost, and yesterday was her day. She was filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues as the evidence. You can see how her countenance glowed.

    We love the entire family. We haven’t known him long at all, but George seems to be a wonderful man, and his mother, Laurel, is sweet and precious.

    And Joseph! He is a charmer…adorable and well-behaved.

    We’re looking forward to the day when you can make it down to Lake Havasu and we can meet you. In the meantime, we’re doing all we can for your precious daughter and her family. She’s in good hands, for she has now been born into God’s family. She is a child of God, and He loves her…even more than you do.

    God bless you.

    Shirley Buxton
    Pastor’s wife

  3. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing…these kind of stories are my favorites. Praying for God to continue the good work that continues to happen at Christ Alive!!! 🙂

  4. Hi, Vonnie–isn’t this the greatest thing! We are so thankful for this wonderful family. Do pray for them.

  5. Awesome report! This is great!

  6. No words can express my utter joy! Rejoicing with you! God is blessing Lake Havasu!

  7. Catherine and Tena–thanks for being here and rejoicing with us in Lake Havasu.

    Please continue to pray for Michelle: because of a prior offense she is in jail for 60 days. She’s doing great…witnessing every day!

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