Christian Intervention Program Sept. 09, 2008

It’s just a green-hued paperback book that is given to every student who enrolls in our Christian Intervention program. But it bears the words Holy Bible and that makes all the difference in the world.

The instruction comes from the Bible. The insights come from the Bible. Truth comes from the Bible.

Please continue to pray for this ministry of our church, where we are having tremendous success. Last night’s session was a powerful one, with Brother Mike Buxton emphasizing that only by the power of the Holy Ghost can any of us stay clean–and free from sin. The lesson was on self-esteem and spoke to the fact that only when we are living right will we ever feel good about ourselves, when we will be comfortable “inside our own skin.”

“Before,” said one of the class who has been drug-free for months now, “I wasn’t happy inside my own skin.” She continued, “But now I am.”

During the prayer request time, many of the students opened up and spoke of particular needs. Some have friends who are having terrible addiction problems; some are discouraged because their past behavior is causing them so much grief; some are disappointed with the Probation Department’s handling of cases; some needed prayer for their children…

Brother Mike took this time to ask us to think about the stress put on probation departments, and during our prayer, we especially prayed for every parole and probation officer in this county.

After a long conversation with one of the probation departments yesterday, Brother Mike Buxton is looking into starting a similar program for troubled youth–also through Spirit of Freedom. The officer with whom he spoke is eager for Christ Alive to take this step.

It’s only a little notebook that each student is issued, but with his own hand, he writes words onto those pages–words that if allowed, will save him.


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