Special Challenge for Michelle

“Is it okay if on the church site I tell a little of the problem you’re facing?” I asked Michelle last night at our ladies Bible study which consisted of only Michelle and me.

“Sure, I want to let everyone know of the sorrow that comes from living a life of addiction.” She went on to say how she wants to witness to people, and hopes that later in her life, she can even teach classes. She has amazingly changed.

“Michelle, I recall that on your 2nd or 3rd CIP meeting, you asked us all to pray because you were so tempted to drink again. Are you still bothered that way?” I looked straight into her eyes as I asked.

“Well, I have to admit I used to think about it…about the relief it brings..”

“I want to encourage you, Michelle. Some people struggle with cravings even after they receive the Holy Ghost, and frankly, just must use sheer grit and will-power to resist drinking or drug use.”

“Other people,” I continued, ” on receiving the Holy Ghost, are delivered immediately , having no more cravings or desires.”

She stared at me, then responded. “You know, now that I think of it, since last Sunday when I received the Holy Ghost, I have not thought of drinking at all!” She beamed as she spoke those words.

Because of her past behaviors, Michelle will be away from us for 60 days. Please pray for this precious family; recall that she has been married only a few weeks, and has a five-year-old son. She seems strong and has plans to find someone that is incarcerated with her with whom she can share her story. She won’t be far away, so we will be able to visit with her and take her reading material.

Here at Christ Alive, we love this beautiful new family, believe in them, and wish them every success and blessing of God.


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One response to “Special Challenge for Michelle

  1. Visiting Sis Michelle will build a very special bond. I am confident that she will share her testimony to someone in there – God is in control. You and I cannot reach that soul, but she can…

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