Sunday Revival Report

Last Sunday, September 21, was an outstanding day at Christ Alive Worship Center. At least 55 persons attended, which is our second highest attendance since we started the church a year and a half ago.

More wonderful than that, though, is that three people received the Holy Ghost–with the evidence of speaking in tongues, as taught in the Bible! All three came because of connections with our Christian Intervention Program through Spirit of Freedom ministries.

Brother Andrew Buxton preached…and God moved! A dynamic Friend Day!



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2 responses to “Sunday Revival Report

  1. Giving praise and thanks to God – He will ALWAYS fill a hungry heart! We are soooooo excited for Lake Havasu!!!

  2. Tena, it’s wild–wonderful wild–over here! On Tuesday night, we had 23 students in our CIP class. My husband just got off the phone with a new person who will be enrolling next Tuesday.

    God is moving in Lake Havasu.

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