Baptism for Jay and Holly

The connection with Christ Alive began for Holly and Jay a few weeks ago, when Jay became a part of our CIP program. Last Sunday both Holly and Jay were filled with the Holy Ghost, and today Pastor Buxton baptized both of them in Jesus’ Name! Their new birth is complete!

A happy instructor and a happy pastor flank the couple.

…on a lighter, but yet a happy note: we may be the only church in town (or on the planet) who has a dog attend every baptism. Marley is Mike’s dog, loves company, and every time we gather at Mike’s pool to baptize someone, Marley jumps in the big pool and swims around while Pastor baptizes in the smaller one.

Edit: On Tuesday, October 1, Marley suddenly became very sick, and by evening, he was gone.


Important Reminder

1st Spirit of Freedom Graduation at Christ Alive

next Sunday

October 5th, 2008 9:00 am



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2 responses to “Baptism for Jay and Holly

  1. Michael

    looks like Holly has a Holy Ghost hair do—– look at those smiles—- unreal !!!!!!!!!

  2. Refired Parson

    Acts 2:38 still works. FOREVER O Lord, thy word is settled in Heaven.

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