First CIP Graduation

Out of the small group who started 20 weeks ago, 5 of our Christian Intervention Program persons have been issued beautiful completion certificates. We elected to have our first graduation as part of our regular Sunday morning meeting. It was a touching, anointed service, which 36 people attended, including two of the graduates, Janey and Dave.

I believe this picture in which Dave and Michael embrace–Dave clutching his completion certificate–may serve to exemplify the reciprocity between Christ Alive and our CIP students. Not only do we see the church as having a distinct and positive influence on the lives of those who have come our way, we feel equally blessed for the opportunity to have built dear relationships with them. We feel enriched to have this unique opportunity to minister, for truly we can say lives are being transformed.

Several of the congregation gather with the ministry to pray for our graduates.

As had been announced, Brother Steve McDaniel and his wife and two daughters of Strathmore, Ca. were in service with us. They were a tremendous blessing, both with their singing and with Brother McDaniel’s preaching. He brought a timely message, entitled, “I Have Found Water.”

written by S. J. Buxton


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One response to “First CIP Graduation

  1. Wonderful report! It is always so exciting to see what God is doing elsewhere. CIP is a great program. It thrills my soul to see Brother Micheal working for the Lord. But most of all, the joy that makes him beam. Love it. It encourages me like nothing else!
    Love and blessing to you,

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