The New George Shuck

Take a look at the new George Shuck, and hear his testimony. He began our CIP classes about 25 weeks ago, has graduated, and because he feels the program has helped him so much, he is taking the class again. Now he has started attending Sunday morning service here at Christ Alive! Yesterday, he came in, grinning, decked out in new clothes he had bought for the occasion.

On Tuesday night, he had spoken to Pastor Buxton. “I have a testimony I want to share on Sunday…and I’m going to buy a new suit.”dsc_0004

Yesterday during the morning service, Michael called on him. With beaming face George stood and told how God has delivered him from alcohol, and how he had provided him with work. “I’ve just landed an $1100.00 job.

God is great…and we give Him praise.



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2 responses to “The New George Shuck

  1. GEORGE, I love ya man. You look perfect, it fits you like a glove. My heart is swollen with pride(the good kind) that you have been snatched from the clutches of sin. This is just the beginning for you and don’t ever look back for you have truly found the place where you belong.

  2. Thank you, Andrew. This is the kindest thing that any family other than my own has done for me in a long time. So I thank you again and God bless. Have a good week.

    George Shuck

    (Written by Shirley as George dictated it.)

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