Power-Packed Sunday

It really started the night before when we had a special Saturday night service with Andrew Buxton preaching. Thirty-six persons attended and Brother Buxton preached a powerful message on the raising of Lazarus from the dead. The altar was filled with people who also wanted their dead lives restored to spiritual vitality.

We knew the next day, Sunday the 4th of October, would be busy for so much was scheduled:

Guest preacher, Andrew Buxton

Christian Intervention graduation

Wedding at the conclusion of the service

Baptism of Kevin and Eric

We had planned all that, and we had prayed and hoped and invited people. The count when everyone was in place was 51! We were happy, but throughout the day as God continued to move in dynamic ways, our smiles became wider.

Brother Buxton preached on the love of God, and again the altars were filled with hungry people. The CIP graduation DSC_0026was beautiful and the simple wedding between Jay and Holly was precious. (Jay is one of our CIP graduates who has been filled with the Holy Ghost.)

The dynamic highpoint of the day came though in Mike’s backyard in his pool. Eric is one of our CIP students who has been coming to church now a few weeks, and who has brought his friend Kevin with him. On Sunday Kevin brought his wife, his estranged wife, serious problems having developed in their marriage. Catherine is her name and she is a precious woman. DSC_0087As Kevin was being baptized, she was right in there taking pictures, and when Kevin, still in the water, began speaking in tongues, she was astonished.

We began talking to Catherine, for it was obvious she was sincere and was hungry for God. Eric was next to be baptized, and to our utter and complete joy, DSC_0102he too began speaking in other tongues. It was amazing.


Andrew had talked extensively to Catherine, and soon she said she also wanted to be baptized. We rounded up clothes DSC_0095for her, and into the pool she went. She came up from the water weeping, and soon, she too had been filled with the precious, wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost.


What a wonderful, wonderful day. We are grateful.



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5 responses to “Power-Packed Sunday

  1. Karen

    Wonderful report of God’s hand at work.

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  3. To God be the Glory!

    You guys are heroes of the Faith!

    What a beautiful Sunday!

    Your love is helping people wake up from the nightmare of the chemically dependent life styles! I know, I got my wake up call in 1972!

    Thank God for the Abundant Life that is available in Jesus Christ!

    Our Love and Prayers to ALL

    Howard J. Pastorella
    the Spirit of Freedom Ministries

  4. Rebecca

    Awesome! God is great and mighty!

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