Another Week at Christ Alive

On Saturdays Brother Michael holds make-up classes for those who have missed their scheduled Christian intervention class. They use their workbooks…and the Bible, of course. DSC_0038Brother Michael uses these times of individual and/or small group teaching to offer personal guidance and influence, and to re-enforce the fact that God and His Word is the ultimate solution to all our problems. During every lesson he emphasizes that it is only God’s power that sets us all free.

This past Saturday, one of our young men came with his sister and a friend as he worked through one of his lessons. DSC_0039The young people of our world are in such dire need of God. Many of them have reported to us that they began taking drugs as early as when they were 12 years old. “My mother introduced me to heroin,” one young lady told us. “My mom and her boyfriend gave it to me.” Heartbreaking. Really heartbreaking.

But God is the answer, and our Christian DSC_0043intervention program continues to be very successful. Please pray for us here in Lake Havasu as we work this field in this unique way God seems to have ordained.


Matt Gresham is a recent graduate of whom we are so proud. He knows we love him. A few days ago he came by the church to receive his DSC_0015graduation certificate, and we snapped a picture of him and Pastor Buxton together. He was in church on Sunday and said, “I want my picture taken with Mike DSC_0017also.”

In a couple of weeks, Matt will be moving from Lake Havasu. Please pray for him that God continues to work in his life.



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2 responses to “Another Week at Christ Alive

  1. Karen

    I love your site. And the work God is able to do /accomplish using Christ Alive Worship Center.

    It was nice to see you Friday night at PRC, however, I didn’t get a chance to swap howdy’s with you. I had to leave early to set up the buffet for the meal following service. The Lord has blessed Phoenix Revival Center with Bro. & Sis. Sansom. Just in the short time they’ve been with us, God has calmed our “stormy seas.”

    bless you,

    • Hi, Karen. Welcome to our church site. Hope you visit a lot.

      I loved the service Friday night, and was so sorry we didn’t feel we could stay for the minister’s meal. It’s such a long drive, though. As it was we got in bed a few minutes before 2:00.

      I love the Sansom’s and believe with you that God has blessed you with these fine people. Support them, and keep loving Jesus.

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