Sunday School News

A new Sunday school class! Although we’re really short-staffed we have known for some time that we need to divide our one class into two, for we’ve had quite an age range. Today was the day!

Sister Iliana Banuelos has cheerfully assented to teach the younger ones; ages 3-6. This was a good day to start, for we only had one little one–Alan is his name. He’s a beautiful child. We’re thankful for Sister DSC_0036Banuelos and know she will do a tremendous job with these youngsters. Today she taught on the creation.

Sister Buxton will be teaching those from the ages 7 up. Today there were five in that class, and she taught on the little boy DSC_0033who gave away his lunch. We ate snacks, talked about sharing, then after church passed snacks to everyone present. From magazines, the youngsters clipped pictures of people who are needy, then made a collage of them on a board.

Pray for us here in Lake Havasu. We need a van to pick up children, and we’re believing God to give us one. 🙂





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