Jay and Holly Honor Pastor Buxton

On Sunday morning, Mike Buxton called on Jay Zeilstra to go to the platform to announce the Arizona On Fire meeting that is to be held in Tucson beginning Thursday night. Did Jay ever have a surprise in store.

Jay made a remarkable presentation to Pastor Buxton and to Sister Buxton, calling them both to stand with him and DSC_0027Holly as he spoke beautiful words of love and appreciation. It was so well done, so sincerely from his heart, that nearly the entire congregation was in tears. His words were especially endearing, seeing he has been in the church only a short time. He came through the Christian intervention program of the church, and he and Holly are developing into outstanding Christians.

The words on the plaque could not have been more appropriate to express love and appreciation to a pastor.



…nor could the flowers have been more beautiful.



Jay and Holly Zeilstra “outdid” themselves in showing honor to their pastor and to his wife. It will never be forgotten.



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6 responses to “Jay and Holly Honor Pastor Buxton

  1. Betty Cowen

    Very happy for you, Love you both much.
    God Bless you always.

  2. We love you too, Betty. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Jean Walter

    I salute you too…and love you. It is worth it all!

  4. Thank you, Jean. We love you too.

  5. Sharon Hale

    How sweet that is! Nothing like appreciation that comes from the HEART!! God Bless you Bro. & Sis. Buxton!!

  6. Rebecca

    Oh Mom and Dad. How wonderful. How deserving.

    Love you so,

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