Break-Through at Christ Alive

There is no question; it was a “break-through” service for Christ Alive. Several people were exceptionally touched, as Brother Andrew Buxton of San Diego preached to the congregation.

“I just attended a great conference, but I received more this morning than I did at that conference,” said one lady.

“That was the first time I had shouted like that in years,” Mike Buxton said after the service.


“This is the first time I wanted to go to church since years ago when I attended a Catholic school,” said one young man. During the altar service, after praying a short time, and with his wife beside him, he began to speak in tongues!!


A spirit of giving enveloped one of the men of the church. After the service was over, he pressed a wad of money in Pastor Buxton’s hand, saying, “Give this to Brother Andrew.”

A powerful, amazing service where we people of Christ Alive were issued challenges in the Spirit, and where many of us accepted them, and pressed until we had our “break-through.”



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4 responses to “Break-Through at Christ Alive

  1. Michael

    There is nothing under the heavens that can compare to feeling the love and mercy of GOD

  2. Anointed preaching will always break the yoke.

  3. Andrew is such a wonderful preacher!

  4. Rebecca

    You are so right Mike. Nothing like it. Absolutely nothing like experiencing the presence of God.

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