Pentecost Sunday at Christ Alive

Fourteen first time visitors sat in the services at Christ Alive on this Pentecost Sunday of 2010!

Crystal came early bringing several children with her including four first-timers, and while Brother Michael and Sister Buxton were preparing music for the service, it came about that an impromptu “Children’s Choir” was formed from the six who were there early. They sang so well and with such enthusiasm that Brother Michael called on them during the service to go to the platform and sing for the congregation. “This Little Light of Mine” was the first song, and they did a dynamic job.

These three boys were “belting it out!”

…and the girls…and the tambourine player!…

The best part of the service: At the conclusion of his preaching, Pastor Buxton extended a call to those who wanted to receive the Holy Ghost. Included in that group was Dustin…who, within a few minutes, was speaking in tongues, having received the Holy Ghost as had those early Jerusalem saints on the Day of Pentecost. He is a tremendous young man with a heart turned toward God, and we’re delighted to have him as part of Christ Alive! Welcome to the family, Dustin.

Two of our first-time-visitors today were our sweet friends, Brother and Sister Mervi Clark from Strathmore, Ca. They were such a blessing: Brother Clark was right with those who were praying with Dustin as he received the Holy Ghost. Welcome, Brother and Sister Clark.

A powerful Pentecost Sunday at here at Christ Alive.



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3 responses to “Pentecost Sunday at Christ Alive

  1. Jean Walter

    Awesome! A good report makes the bones fat!

  2. Hello, Jean. Our bones definitely are fat! God is so good to us.

  3. Just awesome! I also love your blog’s design! I just started one myself for our church’s website. I’m kind of new to blogging though so I’m checking out other Christian blogs to get some inspiration for design and content. Feel free to check our new blog at our church in Bellevue

    Would love to know what you think!

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