About US


A “start-up” Pentecostal church in the city of Lake Havasu City, AZ.


2644 N. Kiowa Blvd.

Phone number:

928 855-9505

Rev. Gerald R. Buxton, Pastor

A couple of years ago now, after a life-changing experience with God, Michael Buxton invited friends and family to join with him in a series of weekly Bible studies taught by his brother Andrew of the San Diego area. From the beginning it was evident that God’s approval was on this endeavor. Several people were baptized and were filled with the Holy Ghost. Pictures of these baptisms are shown on the Blogspot site.

Because of increasing family responsibilities, and those of the church he pastors in La Mesa, Andrew was not able to continue the commute to Lake Havasu. Consequently, the weekly Bible studies faltered.

In the meantime, Pastor Gerald Buxton, who had retired from pastoring in 1996, but who was still actively involved in ministry, felt a burden to come here to Lake Havasu to resume the Bible studies and to lead the work to the next level, that of a bona-fide church. In early February of 2007, he and his wife, Shirley, loaded in their clothes and other necessities and moved their motor home to DJs RV Park. February 11, 2007 was the date of the first Sunday service.

It has been forward and upward from there. Lake Havasu is a thriving, growing city, now exceeding 50,000 people, and of a certainty, Christ Alive Worship Center is needed here.

Archive pictures and posts are at this Blogspot link.

There also are pictures and posts at My Church Activities on Shirley Buxton’s blog.


4 responses to “About US

  1. Janet Bick

    Hello there and thank you for your wonderful website. My husband and I have found it very encouraging!

    We are thinking of moving to the area and I have a phone interview for a job on Thursday. It’s reassuring to know that there is a Spirit filled church growing and making an impact in a place where God might also be leading us! I wondered whether you could tell me a bit more about your denominational affiliation.

    Thank you again.
    Janet Bick

  2. Janet, thank you for contacting us and for your kind comments. We are an Apostolic church, affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church. I will contact you also by email.

    God bless you as you make these crucial decisions…we do hope to see you in church with us.

    Shirley Buxton, pastor’s wife

  3. Patricia Koalska

    My name is Patricia Koalska, I live in Kingman, Az. My husband and I went on vacation on May 3rd, 2010 and took our little Ladybug red & white Pomeranian to Mom’s house in Lake Havasu for “babysitting”.
    At the end of our vacation, two weeks later, when we went to pick up our little dog Mom said our Ladybug had run away the day after we left and she hasn’t seen her since.

    We have an ad in the News-Herald with her picture and my phone numbers but we have heard nothing about our Ladybug. I miss her sooo much!!

    If you can help me find her I will be so thankful. She is 7 years old. We think somebody has her and doesn’t want to give her back, but THAT”S WRONG!! She belongs to us, we are her family and we love her.

    LOST May 4th, 2010
    Female Red & White Pomeranian dog. Lost in Lake Havasu city, in Havasupai Elementary School area. She had green collar and red leash. Please call 928-692-4596 or 928-303-3707

    Is there a way I can e-mail you a picture of her?

    I know this has nothing to do with the church but I do believe God gives us the desires of our hearts. (We are part of the Hilltop Foursquare Church in Kingman, and I have been a Bible teacher for some years before I moved there). I believe God is working at it, I’m just knocking on, seeking, and asking… if you know what I mean.
    May our Mighty God bless you.

    • Hello, Patricia.

      I’m sorry about your dog, and I certainly will keep an eye out for news about her. Yes, you may send me her picture to: shirleybuxton@gmail.com.

      Sometime when you’re in Lake Havasu, we would enjoy having you visit our church.

      God’s richest blessings.

      Shirley Buxton, pastor’s wife

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