Jennifer Receives the Holy Ghost!

Today boasted one of the best services ever experienced at Christ Alive! The worship was beautiful, the attendance was good, the preaching by Pastor Buxton was wonderful…and the best part was that one person received the Holy Ghost!

Jennifer an extremely sweet lady who is one of our CIP students, had previously attended one or two of our church services, but today was different. At the conclusion of the preaching, she walked to the altar area, lifted her hands into the air as she wept profusely, and in a few minutes she was speaking in a Heavenly language; she had been filled with the Holy Ghost.

Finally after praying a long time, Jennifer opened her eyes and began telling us of her experience. She was smiling broadly. Her body was trembling so that finally she asked, “May I sit down.”

“I didn’t know it was like this. I didn’t know,” she said. “I didn’t know…I thought you all were good actors,” at one point she said through smiles and tears.

Tiffany–a few years ago, a new convert herself– was instrumental in helping Jennifer receive the Holy Ghost, walking with her to the altar, and supporting her as she made her way into the Kingdom of God. Sisters…now they are sisters in Jesus Christ.

Jennifer holds little Gabriel–the church “pet.”

We lingered with her, probably for 45 minutes after she had received the Holy Ghost, and finally she was able to walk out of the auditorium.

Please pray for Jennifer. She has stiff challenges to face, and needs all the strength and support she can possibly have.



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3 responses to “Jennifer Receives the Holy Ghost!

  1. Ohhhh…my heart is lifted after reading this report! God’s mercy amazes me every time. 🙂

  2. Tena, this was so wonderful. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone receive the Holy Ghost like this. Jennifer was visibly trembling from head to foot, could hardly stand, and even when she finally left she was weak and shaky.

    “Have you ever seen anyone receive the Holy Ghost?” I asked her.

    “No,” she said.

    It was marvelous. Please help us pray for her.

  3. Rebecca

    It still happens; just like the day of Pentecost! Rejoicing with you.

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